Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Don't Leaf Me This Way Necklace and Lovin' & Leafin' Earrings

How do these leaves look so real?
Short answer: they are! Each piece begins as a real leaf, selected for its natural beauty. A delicate process reduces the leaf to its veins and edges before a coat of copper is applied to help strengthen and preserve those unique lines. Finally, each leaf is individually dipped in a stunning silvertone finish. 

mark Don't Leaf Me This Way Necklace
• No two necklaces are exactly alike because each one began as a real leaf! 
• Silvertone
• 34" L including leaf (with 3 1/2" extender)

mark Lovin' & Leavin' Earrings
• Not only is each pair exquisite, it’s also completely unique! 
• Silvertone
• 3 1/4" L

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