Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquers

My review: I love mark nail polishes! We haven't had any new shades since last Spring so I was really excited about these colors! These shades are perfect for the fresh Spring look I'm waiting for in February. I've worn the polishes with long fingernails and after about two days I had chipped nails. To be honest I'm not sure if this is strictly the polishes fault. I seem to have a problem with chipping whenever I paint my nails with any brand of polish when my nails are long. I've also used these polishes with short nails and had better results. It's been four days since I polished my short nails and the color still looks pretty good. It will take at least two coats and maybe a little touch up to get the colors to cover the nail and look bright like in the pics above. (I'd also want to say that I always polish my own fingernails and never use a nail salon so you might have different or better results with the polishes if you get a professional manicure.)

• Small in stature but big in impact, this duo features two of spring's hottest shades! 
• Continue the pastel look right down to your fingertips (or toes) with these two limited-edition coordinating spring shades, cupcake (purple/pink shade) and creamsicle (peachy shade).
• A perfect complement to on the dot pastels–take the look right down to your fingertips or toes!
• 0.09 fl. oz. each shade

Order not at my mark eboutique, -> shop entire collection -> makeup -> nails.

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