Thursday, May 4, 2017

Avon Senses Sweet Lemon Blossom & Basil Review

Sweet Lemon Blossom & Basil 🍋 - Enjoy a sunny day feeling with the crisp scent of sweet lemons blended with peony blossoms and fresh basil!

My Review: Avon Senses shower gels are one of my fave Avon products so when a new scent is released, it is a must-have. As an owner of a basil plant, I know that it has a strong bitter smell. When I saw this scent was included in a bath and body product I was like what?!?. All I can picture is myself washing up in the shower with some pesto spread on my loofah. LOL As it turns out I was concerned for nothing! The shower gel smells more like flowers than food. The peony blossoms are the real star of this new scent. The gel lathered well and left a light scent behind on my skin. It is a great fresh scent for summer! I give it 👍👍

For a limited time you can get the trio for $9.99 or separately: Shower Gel, Body Lotion, and Body Spray.

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