Friday, February 17, 2017

My Style: X's and Ohs Edition

mark.'s X's and Ohs Dress incorporates all the spring, boho chic, festival fever vibes in one dress! I'll be the first to admit that while I admire the bohemian look, it isn't exactly a style I would gravitate to for myself. I just don't have the right look (or long gorgeous hair) or "free spirited" attitude for the trend. The current mark. Magalog is dedicated to the "festival fever" trend so I thought why not step out of comfort zone and give it a try. 

My review: I really like this dress! I'm wearing a size small and I'm 5'3". The long sleeves make it perfect for the winter/spring transition period and the lace up front is really cute. The cuffs button so you can roll up the sleeves when it is warmer. My only negative is that the fabric has zero stretch and the dress was a little tight in the shoulders. I paired the dress with black boots and a simple black choker necklace. The white and navy batik print has a unique quality. I Googled batik and it is a technique that uses wax and dye to create designs on fabric. 👍👍

I'm wearing Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick in hot plum.

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