Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Festival Fever - Fashion

♫ Music festival season is right around the corner! mark. has the free spirited styles and eclectic accessories for your festival look! This Magalog coincides with Avon Campaign 6 - 7. Check this post often for updates. To see more style pics, beauty how-tos, and product pics visit my Pinterest board, Festival Fever Collection Magalog 3, 2017 from Avon mark.!!!

Photo: Word of Alicia

mark. Garden Design Dress 💮
A fitted and flowy floral dress perfect for you! Bell shaped sleeves (flared at the bottom/opening).

Check out my style here!

mark. X's and Ohs Dress 👗
A sleek sheath inspired by batik (a technique used to color cloth). Adjustable lacing in front adds to the free-spirited vibe of this beautiful dress!

Photo: Word of Alicia

mark. Wedge Issue Sandals 👡
mark. Wedge Issue Sandals are a faux leather wedge with ties that lace-up around your ankle. This color is the perfect boho brown.

Shop the mark. boutique inside of my Avon eStore! Click "mark." under the "+" tab. Shipping is free with $40 orders. Thank you for choosing me as your Avon Representative! 

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