Monday, August 3, 2015

Your Avon Rep. Suggests - Back To School Must-Haves

It's the first week of August and all the stores are kicking off their back to school sales!!! From backpacks to new shoes, kindergarten to college, my Avon eStore has what you need. I have some great ideas and products for kids, teens, college students, and teachers. 


Your kiddos will be super excited about carrying their Frozen or Minions supplies to school on the first day! 

Cool kicks are a B2S must-have! 


Basic back to class fashion is a total necessity! Jeans - check, sneakers - check...

Blemish free skin, trendy nails, and body care for your gym back are a must-have!
-Clearskin® Professional Regimen - 3 Month Supply (get it on Avon Auto-Replenish)


Warm and cozy outerwear, comfy shoes, and a sturdy backpack are a must-have for schlepping around campus! 

Make the most of the space in your tiny dorm room with these organizers and have your skin care delivered to you with Avon Auto Replenish!


A teacher approved wardrobe is a must-have! Conservative and comfortable doesn't mean boring and frumpy. Try a classic pencil skirt, a neutral goes-with-anything jacket, and adorable shoes!
-Cushion Walk® Jeweled Flat

Day-to-day essentials - hand sanitizer, a stylish tote, and a grown-up lunch box!
-Antibacterial Hand Gel
-mark. Bright Inside Tote
-All-In-One Salad Container
-Lunch Box

Go back to school in style this year with Avon! Find everything that you see at my Avon eStore! Shipping is always free with your $40 order!

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