Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lucy Hale's mark Magalog 12 Favorites

mark Brand Ambassador Lucy Hale picked her fave new items from mark Magalog 12! Look for LH's initials next to her favorite mark products!!! For more mark.girl & Lucy check out my Pinterest board, mark & Lucy Hale

1. mark Music To My Ear Muffs
Lucy says, "What a fun gift for a girl who's into fashion and music like me... these are the most adorable headphones ever!" 
2. mark m.powerment Clip & Regift
Lucy says, "I'm so excited to send these cards to my family and friends! They're cute, they're clever and they benefit an initiative I really care about."
3. mark Showcase Color & Clutch To Go
4. mark Lady Luxe Necklace
Lucy says, "If someone gave me this necklace as a gift, I'd be thrilled. It's like giving an invite to go out an turn heads."

Want more Lucy? Check out her style secrets on YouTube: Lucy Hale's Style Secrets: Lady Luxe Necklace!

Shop Lucy's faves at my Avon eStore, -> shop now -> mark. 

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