Monday, November 4, 2013

Avon Naturals Winter Berry Review

Winter Berry is a new bath and body scent Avon just released. Scent description: frosted red currants, black raspberries and whipped vanilla cream. This new scent is available in a shower gel, body spray, and hand/body lotion.

I actually purchased the shower wash and body spray as a gift but I couldn't resist giving it a smell first. ;) I am not a big fan of raspberry scents even though they seem to be extremely popular in bath and body products. With Winter Berry the other flavors really balance out the raspberry scent so it smells nicer to me than other raspberry products.

Ordering one would make a great stocking stuffer and giving two or all three would make a great gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

Visit my Avon eStore, to order Winter Berry or one of the other yummy Avon Naturals scents!

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