Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lucy Hale's mark Magalog 11 Favorites

mark Brand Ambassador Lucy Hale picked her fave new items from mark Magalog 11! Look for Lucy's initials next to her favorite mark products!!!

1. mark Sleek In The City Wallet
Lucy says, "A wallet this cool is totally unexpected. The fun color and metallic studs are such a great combination." –pg21 Magalog 11
2. mark No Place To Run Longwear Eyeliner8 shades in a waterproof formula.
3. mark Scanda-lash Go To Mascara
Full size version of the favorite hook up mascara in 3 shades.
4. mark So Pumped Heels
Studs, cutouts, peep toe, and a golden heel!
5. mark Go For Baroque Necklace
Lucy says,"I'm a huge believer in statement jewelry. This necklace can absolutely pull a whole outfit together.“ –pg21 Magalog 11

Want more Lucy? Check out her style secrets!

Shop Lucy's faves at my Avon eStore, -> shop now -> mark. 

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