Monday, March 3, 2014

Nail This Look Nail Color & Ring Set Review

I recently purchased the Avon/mark Nail This Look Nail Color & Ring Set and ... I LOVE it!

When I first saw this set online I thought it looked cute! The packaging and colors are perfect to get you in the mood for Spring. 

• Features two coordinating, high-gloss matte shades: sunsation, a radiant yellow, and seafoam, a wash of springy green
• 10 manicures in each mini bottle!
• 0.09 oz. net wt. each
• Ring: enamel with glass stones; stretches to accommodate a range of ring sizes

Pros: The colors are pretty and the ring is super cute and matches the mark Major Mix Necklace perfectly. I've used the colors twice now and the first time it lasted about 5 days before it chipped. Five days is good for me since I wash my hands a lot. I used two coats of polish on each nail and did not use a top or base coat. The ring is stretchy and it fits nicely on my pointer and middle fingers. 
Cons: I was slightly disappointed when I saw the green shade because I thought it was going to be more of a mint green and not this yellow/green. But after I used it I totally changed my mind! I know this sounds silly but my finger sweat under the ring. It was a weird feeling and I never had that happen before. 

The second time I tried a little nail art. I'm not super talented when it comes to nail art but I was able to pull off this look with ease. I put dots on one finger and made little yellow suns on another. 

If you want to try something a little more complex mark made this cool "how-to" video!

If you want to try mark's Nail This Look set, I am an Avon rep and you can order mark products at my eStore!

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