Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Get The Look - Ashley Greene Very Berry

mark Brand Ambassador, Ashley Greene is on the cover of mark Magalog 9 Fall Collection Part 1!!! 

Do you LOVE her look? Now you can get it! Order these amazing mark products at my eboutique and follow the steps below! Her lip shade is one of my faves from the new Make It Rich line!

Very Berry

mark. girl on pinterest

Some of these products are launching in Mag 10 on 9/6.

Need a little extra help? I know it might seem a little overwhelming recreating such a beautiful look, I mean AG looks fab, right? mark to the rescue! Celebrity makeup artist and mark expert, Mai Quynh has collaborated with mark to create this how-to video!

You have the look, the instructions, and the application tips now all you need to do is order your mark products. Shop my mark eboutique http://egerlemann.mymarkstore.com/ -> click shop entire collection -> click makeup in the left column to find everything you need!

Fashion tip: Wear the mark Green Piece Earrings with this look like Ashley on the cover! The emerald-colored faux agate stones really complement Make It Rich in royale. 

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