Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Add Sparkle Headbands

These headbands are so adorable!!! The set of two can be worn together or separate. I personally like to wear one at a time because it is too much behind my ears. The headbands are comfortable and didn't leave a sore behind my ears or give me a headache like some headbands do. I also like that they are a simple style but give you a little sparkly glam. 

Love the looks and style of the models in the pictures? Check out my post, Get The Looks - mark Add Sparkle Headbands to see their makeup looks and hair styling tips.

• Set of 2 handbands shimmering with charm: one celebratory silver, the other sophisticated black 
• Think of them as the next best thing to a tiara.
• Wear singularly or together
• 5 3/8" W

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