Hamptons Instant Vacation Eau De Toilette & Shimmering Body Lotion

The fragrance & lotion inspired by the Hamptons! mark has captured the beauty, aroma, & luxury of the Hamptons sea shore in these 2 new limited edition products. 

If you are like me and live a good thousand or so miles from the nearest sea shore, these beauty products will take you there on an instant vacation. 
Tip: Try layering the lotion and fragrance to create a more powerful, longer lasting scent. 

Hamptons Instant Vacation Eau De Toilette
• Top notes: cotton flower, lush dew drops, ocean air notes
• Middle notes: white freesia, watery muget
• Dry notes: clear musk, blonde wood
• 1.7 fl. oz.

Hamptons Instant Vacation Shimmering Body Lotion
• A pearlized lotion that leaves skin with a radiant glow
• Scented with just a seabreeze of mark. Hamptons instant vacation
• Packed with vitamins and skin conditioners
• Leaves skin silky soft
• 5 fl. oz.

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