Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dress Up! Go Out! - Accessories

The hottest looks for party season + holiday gifts for her! This Magalog coincides with Avon Campaign 24 - 25. Check this post often for updates. To see more style pics, beauty how-tos, and product pics visit my Pinterest board, Dress Up! Go Out! Collection Magalog 12, 2016 from Avon mark.!!!

mark. Gleam Come True Bracelet
mark. Gleam Come True Bracelet is a hematite-colored metal bracelet with glass stones becoming a perfect accessory for any wrist. Has a variety of colored stones (including hematite, jet, black, and clear), with the stone shapes varying between marquise, pear, and round. 

Photo: Patricia Doran Avon-mark Facebook

Photo: Patricia Doran Avon-mark Facebook

mark. Hair Raising Clutch 👝
A faux fur bag to match her wildest dreams! Can be used as a clutch or have a chain attached to turn it into a regular bag.

Photo: georgiehobday Instagram

Photo: Patricia Doran Avon-mark Facebook

mark. Just Your Luxe Collar
An amazing accessory that transforms a top. This collar wraps around your shoulders and has goldtone, black and hematite-colored chains that connect the ends. Chains are removable.

Instagram photo by @kraizyk

mark. Shadows and Light Ring 💍
mark. Shadows and Light Ring features hematite-colored metal with faceted glass stone. Perfect to accent a festive manicure. 

Photo: Ariadna Castaneda Facebook

Photo: Patricia Doran Avon-mark Facebook

mark. Glam All Around Stole
Avon's mark. Glam All Around Stole in a blend of black, grey and wine colored faux fur is a perfect addition to any evening outfit. 

Photo: markgirl Instagram
mark. Dark Side Earrings & Gleam Come True Bracelet

mark. Dark Side Earrings 
Earrings with an air of mystery! mark. Dark Side Earrings dangle long to accent your jawline with a dark color to bring edge to any outfit.

Photo: Patricia Doran Avon-mark Facebook
A long tassel necklace that can be worn in three different ways: wear it with the tassel clipped in front for an extra-long statement, without the tassel clipped on for a simpler statement, or with the tassel clipped behind for a  front-back statement. Hematite-colored metal with black, jet, hematite, and clear glass stones in varying shapes, such as round, pear, and marquise. Includes a detachable black polyester tassel. The clip is located on the beaded chain the tassel is connected to, right below the the main circle pendant on the main necklace.

Shop the mark. boutique inside of my Avon eStore! Click "mark." under the "+" tab. Shipping is free with $40 orders. Thank you for choosing me as your Avon Representative! 

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