Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Avon Pink Daisy & Lemon and Orange & Honeysuckle Review

I always love to try Avon's seasonal bath and body items! Avon just released Naturals Pink Daisy & Lemon scent and Bubble Delight Bubble Bath Orange & Honeysuckle scent.

Both fragrances did not disappoint! At first I was a little worried that the citrus flavors would smell like household cleaning products but the floral blend mixes well and softens the citrus. The scents smell differently but have many of the same qualities. Each is a perfect balance between citrus and floral and create a nice sudsy, bubble in the shower. The aroma is very light and fresh smelling but neither left my skin perfumed. These new Spring scents have a thumbs up from me!!! 

Avon Naturals Pink Daisy & Lemon
The sun-kissed scent of zesty Sicilian lemon, juicy nectarine & playful pink daisies.
Available in a Hydrating Shower Gel, Body Spray, & Body Lotion.

Avon Bubble Delight Bubble Bath in Orange & Honeysuckle
The sunny scent of juicy Valencia oranges and sweet honeysuckle blossoms.

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