Sunday, September 29, 2013

Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color Review

I color my hair about 2-3 times a year, usually before an event or holiday or when I notice grays popping up. Now that I'm an Avon rep I thought I would try Avon's hair color. It is priced the same as many drug store brands (right now it is even on sale). My natural color is a sort of gross light brown and I've been coloring it a darker brown for years. It is always strange to me how the hair on my head is so incredibly different than the hair on the rest of my body. My head hair is a light color and thin while my eyebrows, leg hair, etc comes in super dark and thick. I have had a bunch of grays pop up around my roots and on the top of my head and I haven't colored it since last year's holidays so it was time.  

Before I made my purchase I watched this great video on the shopping page under the "beautiful brunettes" section. The stylist gave an excellent tip: pick a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your natural color. Plus she did a demonstration so you would know what to expect when you did your own. (Of course she looks way more glamorous coloring her's than I do in my old tank top and no makeup.)   

I selected shade 4.3 Dark Golden Brown.

First I got out all of the materials I would need including an old towel and kitchen timer and read the directions. Next I used packet 1 (the Pre-Treatment) and spread it evenly throughout my hair avoiding the roots like the instructions said. I've never used a hair color that had a pre-treatment so I was surprised to see it in the box. It was easy to apply and smelled nice but a lot of hair fell out and was stuck to my hands and in the sink. 

Next I squeezed the Creme Colorant tube into the applicator bottle and shook it up.

Then it was time to apply the color. I would suggest having some wet wipes or baby wipes handy just in case you get the color on your skin. I find that if you scrub it off right away with a wipe it won't leave a stain. You can also rub petroleum jelly on your ears and forehead to avoid staining your skin. 

Once I was finished, I twisted my hair up and waited the 30 minutes suggested in the instructions. (I also scrubbed the spot on the floor where I accidentally dropped the color bottle. It might be a good idea to put an old towel on the floor just in case.)

I like to rinse off the gloves in the kit and save them for when it is time to wash out the hair color. That way your fingers and nails won't get stained. I rinsed out the color then covered my hair and scalp with the Post Treatment Conditioner. After I rinsed out the conditioner, I styled it as usual.

I really like how the color turned out! 
Good points: reasonable price, the smell wasn't too harsh or overwhelming, easy to use. 
Bad points: a lot of my hair fell out during the pre-treatment and conditioning steps.

Check out all of the Advanced Techniques shades at my Avon eStore, -> shop now -> hair care -> hair color! There are a wide range of shades for beautiful brunettes, bold blacks, brilliant blondes, and ravishing reds!!!

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