Sunday, June 30, 2013

Getting Dressed With Sarah Part 1

I've decided to start a series of looks staring my baby sister, Sarah. We both love fashion and clothes and shopping so we are working together to create outfits reflecting her style. We are both cheap shoppers, always on the hunt for a sale or bargain and not ashamed to say I got that at Walmart. LOL We are not into name brands or designer labels. I think it's more important to dress your body type and look put together than to spend tons of $$ on a designer something. Plus we cycle through pieces fairly quick, in one season and out the next. Hopefully Sarah's looks will inspire you to dress well and shop smart. :) 

Sarah is wearing a white tee with lace cutouts and a banded bottom over a bright yellow tank (Sarah is fond of layering) and dark denim bermuda shorts (I love dark denim). Sarah said that her top is from 10 Dollar Mall, her tank from Wet Seal, and her shorts from JcPenney

I accessorized Sarah in the mark Rocking Pastels Necklace (which is gorgeous btw) and the topaz colored Hold It Right There Pin from mark in her hair. She also surprised me by wearing a lip color today which she rarely does, but should more often. :)

I will do more posts featuring Sarah in the future (as long as she agrees) so stay tuned! 

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