Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vintage Violet Stretch Ring

So this was one of the products from the Fall collection that I was the most excited about. I love the purple and goldtone together. It is simple but glam. This ring reminds me of something you might fine at an antique shop or in your old great, great rich aunt's jewelry box. "Three "crystals" set vertically have a regal, Elizabethan feel that fits right in with fall's luxe trends." It is quite large but it is perfect if you are looking for a statement ring. The color that it is in the stock photos from the mark website and eboutique is not the same color that the ring actually is. I just want to note that is is a much deeper purple and not pinkish like it appears. 

• An Elizabethan style meets New Agey faux crystals for a piece that's timelessly cool
• Burnished brass setting and band
• Band stretches to cover a range of ring sizes
• 1 1/2" H

Order your vintagey ring at my mark eboutique: -> shop entire collection -> fashion -> jewelry. 

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