Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just Buffing Lemon Sugar Body Exfoliator

My mark mentor sent me this exfoliator as a prize for being the third best seller in our group. (Yeah me!) I had never tried an exfoliator before so I asked other reps the best way to use it. I used it in the shower after I washed with my regular soap. I put just a little bit on my loofah (a little goes a long way) and scrubbed up my arms, back, chest, and legs. It wasn't rough or scratchy and it foamed up just like soap. After I showered I used a mark lotion all over my body. My skin felt soft and smelled good.

I also like to use a little bit on my hands. Even in the summer my hands are dry and chapped because I wash them a lot. (Germs, ew!) I hate wearing hand lotion because it makes my hands feel dirty. The exfoliator makes them feel soft and smooth (and clean).

Be sure to check out all of mark's Lemon Sugar bath and body products!

• Cleanses without stripping skin of natural moisture
• Gently exfoliates to reveal smoother, softer skin
• Primes skin for an easy and even self-tan application
• In our lemon sugar scent
• 6 fl. oz.

Shop mark bath & body at my eboutique, -> click shop entire collection -> click bath & body in the left column -> click lemon sugar.

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