Friday, October 23, 2015

Avon Nail Gems Review & Halloween Mani

So I'm not one for intricate nail art designs. Let's face it, it's never as easy to try in real life as it seems in magazines or Pinterest. Not to mention I suck at nail art! 

I received the Nail Gem Applicator at my Avon Celebrate  the Season event so of course I had to get the Nail Gems set. After I read the directions for these gems, I thought "hey, I got this!" Plus the gems only cost $2.99 at my Avon eStore!!!

The gems are circle, square, and teardrop shapes in black, silver, gold, and a yellow/orange color. I wanted to use the orangy yellow and black gems to create an easy Halloween mani. I found these L.A. Colors nail polishes in orange and black for $.50 each at a local store and snatched them up for Halloween. 

I started with one coat of color, let it dry, then laid out the gems I wanted to use. Thank goodness for the tweezers! I did drop a few getting them out of the container and the worst part was getting the gem to flip rightside up.  

I added another coat of polish and picked up the gems with the tweezers and stuck them on. Using my left had was tricky. Getting the gem to the nail was simple enough but then polish got on the tweezers and the gem stuck to it instead of the nail. I would recommend a cotton ball with polish remover to wipe the tweezers on in between applying each gem. I also had trouble with getting polish on the gem itself. 

Once the gems were in place and the polish dried, I added a clear top coat. I will update this post in a few days to see how long they stay on!

To be continued...

Update: 10/25
I've been wearing the gems all weekend and I am pleasantly surprised! The gems exceeded my expectations. I washed my hands numerous times, did the dishes 3 times, and took 2 showers all the while checking my nails. Are my nail pretties still there? Yes! Did they come loose? Nope! The gems stayed on nicely and would probably still be on if I hadn't just picked them off while watching last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries. Anyway, I would definitely recommend these for a special occasion or a fun weekend!!!

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