Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Avon Naturals Fall Classics Bath & Body Review

When I saw new Avon Fall Naturals Limited Edition scents, Fresh Orchard Apple and Sugar & Walnut in the brochure I thought "Mmmmmm, Fall is in the air"! With the exception of pumpkin nothing brings your senses into Fall like the warm smell of pies baking, fresh sweet apples, and a cool crisp breeze. 

The Avon brochure describes the scents:
Fresh Orchard Apple - Fresh-picked green apple highlighted with sparkling pear and creamy muguet make this crisp fragrance a fall favorite! 
Sugar & Walnut - A deliciously warm blend of creamy vanilla caramel, brown sugar and walnut. Leaves skin feeling clean and conditioned.

I purchased the Sugar & Walnut Bubble Delight Bubble Bath and the Fresh Orchard Apple Hydrating Shower Gel. 

If you've checked out my blog in the past you know that I like to use Avon bubble baths as shower washes and even hand soaps. The Sugar & Walnut BB is a very strong, almost over powering sweet sugary scent. Describing the aroma is a little strange so bare with me. It is not sweet like candy or like treats baking in the oven. It reminds me of the filling for a pecan pie, before it's baked or putting your nose in a newly opened bag of brown sugar. The smell will definitely fill your bathroom with the powerful smell. As strong as it smells in the bottle, it did not however leave a my skin scented. I've mixed some of my BB with an unscented, creamy hand soap to sort of dilute the sweet smell but still get a little taste when I wash my hands. :)

I am a big fan of Avon's Naturals shower gels plus I love apple scented products. The Naturals products work great, smell amazing, make fun gifts, and are less expensive than other b&b brands. The problem is that I have a weird allergy to apples and products with apple extract inside. :( My sister eagerly stepped up to the challenge of reviewing this new scent (plus she enjoys Avon freebies)! She reported that the soap produced a good lather on her loofah and skin and did indeed smell like a fresh picked apple. After her shower her skin felt soft and smooth and was lightly scented.   

New Naturals Fall Classics come in a hydrating shower gel, bubble bath, and a hydrating body lotion. It's a well known fact that layering scents is the best way to make them last longer so take a bath with the bb, wash up with the shower gel, and moisturize withe the body lotion!!! 

If you would like to try these new scents visit my Avon eStore, -> click shop now -> click Bath & Body in the top bar -> click Naturals under brands in the left column.  

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