Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting Dressed With Sarah Part 3

It was super hot and humid this week. The day of our shoot was definitely a tank and pony kind of day. Check out how Sarah beat the heat in part 3 of our series!

Neon green is Sarah's favorite color! :) To balance out the bright shade, she matched her top with dark pants and shoes and shiny gold accessories. Sarah's tank is from Walmart (at the time of this post it is still available online) and her shorts are Arizona from JCPenney.

The tank has a cute back zipper and a ruffled front. We have found that a ruffled front top is perfect for hiding certain areas that Sarah is uncomfortable with.  

Her black and gold sandals came from Target and she is wearing Pure Ice nail polish in shade wild thing.

I loaned Sarah the mark m.powerment Power of Change Necklace. Proceeds from the purchase of m.powerment products benefit the m.powerment by mark philanthropic campaign to help break the cycle of dating abuse and partner violence.  

Of course it wouldn't be a "Sarah look" without matching neon green eye shadow. :)

What do you think? Have you tried the neon trend? 

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