Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fragrance Minis

mark's best fragrances are now in minis! What's so great about these mini scents? They are affordable, totable, and make great gifts! I personally don't buy fragrances very often. They are usually too expensive and I get tired of the scent way before the bottle is even empty. You can get just enough uses out of these mark minis to keep loving the scent and coming back for more. Toss one in your purse for a little after work spritz before dinner or a date. They are small enough for your carry on luggage for those who travel. Fragrances also make a great gift! Give all three scents for a fun gift for your friends and family.

mark Jewel
A decadent blend of Casablanca lily, macchiato flower, warm enticing vanilla and luxurious liquid caramel. Brilliant from every angle.

mark Celebrate
A sparkling blend of citrus petals, mirabelle plum and osmanthus flower–slightly flirty, totally captivating.

mark Very Sassy
A fragrance to be reckoned with, amped up for lasting impact. mark. Very Sassy lets fruity black currant, floral yellow jasmine and earthy musk all have their say. Stir things up with a single spritz.

Aren't they cute? Our itty bitty minis are big news! They're the ideal size for newbies who want to test-drive a new fragrance. And established fragrance addicts will love them for travelling or for keeping in their handbag for a mid-day re-spritz! 0.5 fl. oz. each

Order now for only $7 each at my mark store, -> shop entire collection -> fragrance

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