Thursday, January 26, 2017

Valentine's Day Mani + Charm Bracelet

Valentine's Day is coming soon! 💘 I'm not so great at fancy nail art designs so I usually stick with a simple red and white or pink manicure to celebrate. This year I’m sharing an easy red sparkle and silver sparkle combo. 💅

The real party is my arm party! I’m wearing a DIY friendship bracelet (how-to details below), bead bracelet, and charm bracelet from Avon (find out how to order one below) to match my mani and make my outfit festive. 😍

The DIY heart bracelet is made of embroidery thread I bought at a craft store. Some stores let you pick out individual colors so you can make a red and white bracelet like the one I made. The directions to create this simple heart bracelet are here on Pinterest. 

The Avon charm bracelet I bought during the holidays and it included these three charms that are perfect for Valentine's Day. 

Avon's Cherished Memories Bracelet Set includes the silvertone bracelet and 12 charms in a box that is ready for giving. This is a great gift for the jewelry lover. This bracelet lets her change up the charms to coordinate her outfit or the season. PLUS...

Avon keeps adding NEW charms she can add to her bracelet!!! Pictured above are the Cherished Memories Starter necklace and braceletCherished Memories Bracelet SetCherished Memories Love Charms + more charms available at my Avon eStore!

SNEAK PEEK - This is the gift that keeps on giving! More charms for Spring and Mother's Day are coming in Campaigns 6 and 9!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 💖

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