Monday, May 2, 2016

Avon Senses Yogurt Bath & Body Review

As you know, I am a huge fan of Avon Senses (formerly Avon Naturals) shower gels! I usually get every new scent Avon releases. You should see my bathroom cabinet. ;) Campaign 11's newest scent is fruity yogurt!

Scent Description: Embrace your senses with the sweet scent of chantilly cream and hints of pomegranate and raspberry, infused with vitamin C and E.

Cleansing Shower Gel Hook: Creamy fruity yogurt hydrates skin with Vitamins C and E, leaving it feeling refreshed and delightfully soft. 
Body Scrub: Creamy fruity yogurt with cranberry seeds and Vitamins C and E gives skin a polished glow and a smooth, energized feel.
Body Lotion: Creamy fruity yogurt with shea butter and Vitamins C and E moisturizes skin for a velvety smooth feel.

My Shower Gel Review: FYI - I only used the shower gel since I sold the rest of the set. The texture and scent of the shower gel literally reminded me of a bowl of delicious yogurt and berries. It was so thick and creamy I wouldn't even classify it as a "gel".  It didn't take a lot of soap to get a good lather on my shower pouf. At first I was a little concerned because raspberry is not my favorite scent but the fruity smell is very light and soft.  Avon Senses has yet to fail me! Two thumbs up!

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