Monday, July 13, 2015

Avon Metallic Fringe Top Coat Review

I was excited to see Avon's newest nail polish, Metallic Fringe. Glitter and sparkles are so much fun and give nails a little extra pizazz! I am wearing black nail polish as a base with shade Frayed Edges on top!!!

My Review: Frayed Edges is made up of silver and white fringe pieces. The fringe went on effortlessly! Sometimes with glitter, I have a hard time getting the pieces to glide on and end up having to dab it on a bunch of times.  Of course then it ends up gloppy and won't dry. Metallic Fringe went on smoothly and in one swipe a lot of pieces showed up on my nails.  When it came time to remove the fringe, I expected it to be a tough scrub but it turned out not to be too difficult. I only used one cotton ball with remover for each hand. I give Avon Metallic Fringe Top Coat two thumbs up!!!

Avon Metallic Fringe comes in 5 shades!

Guess what? In Avon Campaign 16 2015 select Avon nail polishes are 3 for $8.99!

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