Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Avon Frosted Winterberry & Peppermint Vanilla Review

If you've read my blog before you know I'm a fan of Avon Naturals seasonal scents and bubble baths. This winter Avon has two scents available in a hydrating shower gel, bubble delight bubble bath, and body lotion. I purchased the shower gel and bubble bath. For this review I sampled the shower gels. I would like to note that both scents smell different than the winter scents from last year even though they share the similar names. 

Frosted Winterberryscents of festive red currant, zesty orange peel and frosted blackberry.
Out of the 2 scents, this one was my favorite. It has a sweet berry smell that reminds me of berries covered in sugar. The aroma isn't too heavy or strong but it did leave my skin lightly infused with the sweet berries scent.  

Peppermint Vanillascents of sweet peppermint, luscious vanilla and creamy white chocolate. 
I have neutral feelings about this scent. It didn't smell bad but I've smelled better. I would have preferred it to be more minty and less vanilla-y. Vanilla isn't my favorite scent to begin with so your feelings may be different. It did leave a light aroma on my skin but wasn't overpowering.  

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