Thursday, January 2, 2014

Step Lively Oxfords Review

When I saw these shoes in the mark magalog I knew I had to have them! The textured, quilted pattern made them unique, while the nude color and casual style makes them super versatile. 

PROS: Obviously their cuteness is a pro but I also really like the fit. The soles have a squishy padded texture that feels great on your feet and the size 6 I ordered (my usual size) fits me perfectly. I was concerned that the ribbon laces wouldn't stay tied but they do! 
CONS: The shoes are really stiff with very little flexibility. The backs didn't rub but the top of my foot on the sides had a few rubbed spots the first time I wore them. The name of the shoes says "oxfords" but these shoes don't really resemble that style.  

• Our oxfords are extra-adorable with a texture mix of charming snake and quirky quilting plus satin ribbon laces for girly flair
• Padded footbed to keep it comfy
• Snake embossed faux leather with quilted faux leather toe cap and heel and metallic champagne-colored trim around outsole
• 1/5" heel
• Available in sizes 6-10 (half sizes order up)

So would I order these shoes again? You bet! You can get a pair for yourself at my Avon/mark. eStore!

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