Monday, August 5, 2013

mark: Then & Now

This August mark celebrates its 10th birthday! Many things have changed since the first issue of the Magalog back in 2003. You will see a lot more changes when Magalog 9 launches on August 9th. Be sure to check out my Avon eStore on Thursday to order the Birthday Collection which includes fab new fashion and limited edition birthday beauty!

Besides the momentous event of the first ever mark Magalog, check out these other fun facts from 2003!
-The O.C. premiered. “California here we come..”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger added governor to his resume
-Finding Nemo makes a splash in theatres
-Brittney & Madonna’s famous smooch at the VMAs
-Singer Outkast was shakin’ it like a Polaroid picture in “Hey Ya!”
-iTunes store & Myspace launched
-Stacy & Clinton helped the ensembly challenged find confidence in a new wardrobe on What Not To Wear

Many things have changed over the past 10 years, including mark!
Another rep shared this picture of the very first mark Magalog! The Mag has come a long way! :)

The 10th Birthday issue features new Brand Ambassador, Lucy Hale on the cover!

Real Beauty reported on Lucy's mark makeup look on the cover by Fiona Stiles!

Look Info from Real Beauty

Look Info from Real Beauty

Lucy is also wearing the mark Dropping By Necklace, Fan Club Necklace, and Shimmy Mini Skirt which will be available in Magalog 9 at my Avon eStore!

I hope you are enjoying the "now" even more than the memories of the "then"! :)

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